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I have a wonderful opportunity to use and teach about educational technology in my own school.  But as a teacher myself, I find the year easily escapes us, and we’ve missed many opportunities to learn, stretch, and move forward.  Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve prepared numerous emails, sites, and videos for my teachers so that they are more informed and can come to the material at times that are convenient to them. I’ve also found that I spend a lot of time researching myself, but have few people with which to share what I’ve learned.

That is where the idea for came in.  I wanted to share and give people the opportunity to piggyback on what I’ve learned, just as I’ve learned from others.  Perhaps you’re an educator that wants to learn more.  Or, perhaps you’re responsible for technology and are wondering what others are using.  Perhaps you’re an administrator that is not really sure how applying certain technologies are going to impact your school.  If any of these are you, then it is for you that I share my stories.